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Examination Procedure


Please wear the correct uniform as appearance and presentation are part of the exam procedure and WILL affect your marks.

When coming to the hall for your exam, please ensure that your hair is correctly dressed before you arrive.


Hair must be in a neat & tidy bun with the fringe off the face. You will need plenty of hairspray & gel. Please do not use pink crochetted buns nets for exams
(If their hair is not correct, then it will affect their marks)

Black Leotard

Black Skirt (Ballet to Grade 1, Tap to Primary)

 Black leggings and white socks for Tap Grade 1 onwards.

White ankle socks / Ballet tights for Grades 1 onwards.

Clean Ballet Shoes (Ribbons will be needed for Grades 2 – 6)

                           Black Tap Shoes (Cuban heels from Grade 2)                        
Modern = bare feet, black leotard and black leggings

FREESTYLE = bare feet, black leotard and black leggings (older pupils can wear their RND polo shirt).

Please arrive in your uniform with hair already done.

You will be required to arrive 40 minutes before your exam time.