RND Academy of Dance
Child Protection Policy
Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy
Razzle N Dazzle Academy of Dance, in conjunction with the St Johns Evangelist Church, aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved in the school. Any potential safety hazards must be reported to the Teachers of the School, Rachael Coles, Nichola Thomas or Donna Farr, who will in turn report to the Caretaker of the hall.

Community Centre is Responsible for Maintenance of the following:
·         Heating checks on radiators.
·         Maintenance of Toilets & kitchen area
·         Securing cables and leads within the building, to avoid risk of tripping
·         Securing tables and chairs within the building.
·         Maintenance of all electrical plugs, lighting, fire alarms, fire extinguisher, cooker, kettles etc within the building.
·         Cleaning of the building and floor, using products that will not cause slipping on floor.
·         Plug protectors, for un-used plugs in the building .
·         Maintenance for safety when building work happens within the centre. 

Dance School Risk Assessment For School’s Property
Child Plug Protectors supplied
These are used in all un-used plugs due to teaching children of under 4 years of age.
Moveable dance floor:
Ensure flooring is securely fixed onto floor, and has had all edges taped down to avoid the risk of tripping.
Sound system leads & Equipment:
Leads taped down over areas that pupils may walk across, to avoid tripping.
CD player will have electrical maintenance checks which will be arranged by the Teachers on a regularly basis, i.e. yearly
Kitchen Area:
Children are not allowed into the kitchen area.
Young children will be supervised when using the toilet.

Fire Risk:

St Johns Evangelist Church Hall is responsible for maintaining all fire extinguishers, and fire fighting equipment.
All Teachers will be aware where the fire extinguishers are kept and will ensure they are maintained.
The teachers of the school will ensure that the main entrance to the Building is kept free, for easy exit, which should be used should a fire occur.

Accidents & First Aid:

Razzle n Dazzle Academy of Dance have a private accident logbook for any pupils that injure themselves whilst attending dance classes (parents can ask to see this at any point).

All injuries should be reported to First Aid trained Nichola Thomas and Donna Farr.
·         Razzle N Dazzle teachers will maintain an appropriate First Aid Box.
·         Parents must inform teachers on induction form if child has medical condition such as asthma

Public Liability Insurance:

Razzle N Dazzle has public liability insurance and the certificate is displayed on the notice board in the entrance of the building. Parents, members of the public and the caretaker of the hall may ask to see a copy at any point.


Although music is played within the dance school, the volume is kept at a level where the teachers voice can be heard. At times the music is completely turned down.

Rachael Coles, Nichola Thomas, Donna Farr (RND Academy of Dance)
            Policy: Updated August 2017