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We are delighted to announce the following pupils as our highest achievers in each category of our examination sessions. Well done girls, truly an achievement you can be proud of:


Ballet: Lara Clement 86 marks
Tap: Chloe Walmsley-Worrall and Charlotte Mitchell both achieving 86 marks
Freestyle: Melissa Yates, Kirsty Wright, Leanne Reaney, Libby Gooding, Ellie Fisher, Lara Clement and Chloe Walmsley-Worrall all of whom achieved 90 marks.

Ballet: Justice Jones, Chloe Mai Insall and Jasmin Parkes all awarded 85.
Tap: Rebecca Burgess, Ellie Fisher and Chloe Walmsley-Worrall all awarded 85
Freestyle: Ellie Fisher, Lara Clement, Charlotte Mitchell, Justice Jones and Chloe Walmsley-Worrall all of whom were awarded 91 marks.

Ballet: Sandhya Kalyan who was awarded 87 marks
Tap: Lara Clement who was awarded 88 marks
Freestyle: Rebecca Burgess, Ellie Fisher and Mae Brazier all awarded 94 marks

MARCH 2012

Chloe Walmsely-Worrall who was awarded 86 marks
Tap: Nicole Ames and Rebecca Burgess both awarded 85 marks
Freestyle: Chloe Walmsley-Worrall who was awearded 87 marks

JULY 2013

Ballet: Rianne Hawkins who was awarded 85 marks

Tap: Chloe Ellis and Mae Brazier both awarded 83 marks

Freestyle: Becky Burgess who was awarded 90 marks

Modern Jazz: Rianne Hawkins who was awarded 85 marks


Ballet: Alicia Fielder, Ava Martin and Olivia Marthews all awarded 86 marks

Tap: Ellie Fisher and Ava Martin both awarded 87 marks

Freestyle: Lara Clement, Ellie Fisher and Emma Poole all awarded 88 marks


Ballet: Megan Smith

Tap: Jess Fisher and Rachel Steele 

 Freestyle: Megan Evans, Ellie Fisher and Melissa Yates 

JULY 2015

Ballet: Evie Amos and Rianne Hawkins both awarded 85 marks

Tap: Megan Smith awarded 87 marks

Freestyle: Evie Amos, Mae Brazier and Chloe Tayler all awarded 88 marks

Modern Jazz:
 Chloe Ellis and Sandhya Kalyan both awarded 85 marks

FEB 2016

Ballet: Freya Barnett awarded 86 marks

Tap: Esther Broom awarded 89 marks

Freestyle: Meghan Evans awarded 95 marks

MARCH 2017

Ballet: Esther Broom awarded 87 marks

Tap: Evie Clayton awarded 88 marks

Freestyle: Meghan Evans, Lara Clement, Ellie Fisher, Ava Martin, Evie Clayton, Jagoda Mroczek, Eleanor-Mai Hunt-James and Tessy Hawkesford all awarded 90 marks